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Woman doing Yoga workout

Vinyasa Yoga

A breathing rhythm related lesson in which changes between various positions are accomplished smoothly at varying rates.

A woman lifts a barbell in a squat position


A lesson where several rhythms and orientations of movement are combined. The class flows and is synchronized with breathing rhythm. The changes between the postures can happen quickly or gradually.

Woman doing reformer pilates workout

Reformer Pilates

​Physical exercise that uses a reformer, combining support and the ability to work precisely and intently on a particular muscle group without overworking the other muscles.
Those with limited physical abilities can practice and advance in reformer pilates.

A woman in a Barre training , placing a foot on the Barre

Barre Fitness (new)

A dynamic and intense workout that includes strengthening work, flexibility, and strength of all body muscles.
The training takes place in front of the bar and contains aspects from ballet and pilates, ranging from rhythmic and entertaining aerobic work to strengthening and shaping anaerobic work.

Woman doing mat pilates workout

Classical Pilates

A unique physical training that harmoniously combines the strengthening and lengthening of each muscle group in the body and the development of awareness, concentration, control, and precision.

Woman doing Dynamic body shaping workout

Dynamic body shaping

A class that combines rhythmic music and mobility while combining strength exercises and in-depth muscle work.

A woman in a position from a pelvic floor strengthening exercise

Pelvic Floor Strengthening

A class that focuses on pelvic floor strengthening, core muscles, and awareness of proper body posture through strength exercises and in-depth muscle training.

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