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Our family


Dekel Kop Roseman
Director of Studio DEKEL
Dance Instructor, Movement Therapist ,and Pilates Instructor.

Picture of Dekel
Dekal is married and a mother of three.
She has a bachelor's degree and a teaching certificate from the Rubin Academy of Music and Dance (MA.DANCE).
Graduated from the Kibbutz Seminary College with a master's degree in movement therapy and certified in teaching MAT Pilates and REFORMER Pilates.
"The body serves as a vital and significant tool in our lives and serves as a portal to the soul. As such, we must work with it with accuracy, professionalism, and correct technique as well as with genuine care, love, and attention so that we can develop both physically and mentally.
I believe that in order to achieve desirable results with the body, a personal and professional relationship is necessary. Therefore my team and I advocate a safe and proper atmosphere for work, with personal accompaniment and an empathetic and professional relationship.
A little more about my family from the papers.

Our Team


I want to ask you to join me.
Fall in love with sports and become hooked to training. enjoy the process as much as the obje
ctive itself, and demonstrate to yourself that you can shatter records.

Noy Eliyahu Deutsch
Fitness trainer, bar instructor and dancer

I'm lucky to have the best job in the world.

I believe in the magic of functional fitness and pilates. My goal is to encourage each and every client and send them on their way with a smile.

טל קפלן
Daniela Cohen
Mat Pilates instructor and functional training

With 14 years of experience, Rachel has a love for integrating movement, breathing and fun.

She works with groups and individuals and helps build routines in order to create a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Rachel Appelbaum
Runs a home clinic specializing in fitness training and treatment

I believe in the connection between the mind and body, with a lot of love for the connection to movement. I love to face challenges and find creativity in working with the body. In my classes, I focus on professionalism and accuracy, along with flow, breath, and personal connection.

Kim Seaton
Bachelor's degree in dance,
MAT Pilates and REFORMER Pilates instructor

For me, Pilates is a connection to the core, a place for healthy movement from a place of understanding and listening to the body. Consistency and repetition lead to a significant improvement in the quality of life and do wonders! In my classes, I focus on understanding, precision, focus, and personal connection.

מאיה צרויה
Maya Tserouia
MAT Pilates and REFORMER Pilates instructor
A student in the dance training course of the Vertigo dance troup

Pilates is a world of precision, control and paying attention to our bodies. When we know our bodies we can strengthen ourselves and provide ourselves with a healthy and strong lifestyle. 

Whether you’re beginners or more advanced, you’re invited to get to know your body and mind.

Yuval Grazi
Mat Pilates Instructor 
Mia Winraob
MAT Pilates and REFORMER Pilates instructor.10 years of experience. 

Pilates is the most powerful connection I can have with my body. Pilates helped me rediscover the human body and learn how to move more effectively and healthily in the world. Pilates is more than a sport to me; it is a way of life that includes proper breathing, posture, and core development. I believe that everyone can, the challenge is just getting up and starting.

My classes are a combination of challenging and fun.

I like to think outside the box and get

creative when it comes to working the body.

Join me for a diverse and unique workout.

Daniel Yarden Cohen
Wingate Graduate, Fitness Trainer, Mat and REFORMER Pilates Instructor

Our lessons

Woman doing Yoga workout

Vinyasa Yoga

A breathing rhythm related lesson in which changes between various positions are accomplished smoothly at varying rates.

A woman lifts a barbell in a squat position


A lesson where several rhythms and orientations of movement are combined. The class flows and is synchronized with breathing rhythm. The changes between the postures can happen quickly or gradually.

Woman doing reformer pilates workout

Reformer Pilates

​Physical exercise that uses a reformer, combining support and the ability to work precisely and intently on a particular muscle group without overworking the other muscles.
Those with limited physical abilities can practice and advance in reformer pilates.

A woman in a Barre training , placing a foot on the Barre

Barre Fitness (new)

A dynamic and intense workout that includes strengthening work, flexibility, and strength of all body muscles.
The training takes place in front of the bar and contains aspects from ballet and pilates, ranging from rhythmic and entertaining aerobic work to strengthening and shaping anaerobic work.

Woman doing mat pilates workout

Classical Pilates

A unique physical training that harmoniously combines the strengthening and lengthening of each muscle group in the body and the development of awareness, concentration, control, and precision.

Woman doing Dynamic body shaping workout

Dynamic body shaping

A class that combines rhythmic music and mobility while combining strength exercises and in-depth muscle work.

A woman in a position from a pelvic floor strengthening exercise

Pelvic Floor Strengthening

A class that focuses on pelvic floor strengthening, core muscles, and awareness of proper body posture through strength exercises and in-depth muscle training.


Reformer Pilates - Mom & Baby

A pilates class for women after childbirth. The class focuses on core muscles, back, and pelvic floor, and strengthens the body. During the class, the babies will play on a mat next to their mothers and will receive attention from the instructor while the mothers enjoy an hour of strengthening, shaping and connecting with their bodies. 

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